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American Made Movie (2013)

American Made Movie is a movie starring Mark Andol, Merrie Buchsbaum, and Robert DeMartini. American Made Movie looks back on the glory days of U.S. manufacturing when there was a more balanced relationship between the goods...

IMDB: 5.90 Likes

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  • Run Time: 82
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The Synopsis for American Made Movie (2013) 720p

American Made Movie looks back on the glory days of U.S. manufacturing when there was a more balanced relationship between the goods produced and consumed, and illustrates how technology and globalization have changed the competitive landscape for companies doing business in America, as well as overseas. By illustrating the successes of companies and entrepreneurs that, of their own accord, have prospered without adopting the practices of their competitors, American Made Movie shows the positive impact these jobs can have on national and local economies in the face of great challenges.

The Director and Players for American Made Movie (2013) 720p

[Director]Nathaniel Thomas McGill
[Role:]Cleofus Blue Wilson
[Role:]Robert DeMartini
[Role:]Merrie Buchsbaum
[Role:]Mark Andol

The Reviews for American Made Movie (2013) 720p

Very InformativeReviewed byunknownfilmmakerVote: 8/10

When I watch a movie about a topic I usually have an idea about the topic walking into it. I find it sometimes hard to block out those original thoughts. This movie had me even more worried about it, based on the title alone. I would consider myself moderately placed on the political spectrum and can argue with the bests on both sides of the isle and this movie played to no side and engaged me as a consumer which I enjoyed. I really thought I understood the reason why everything is made in China and after watching the movie felt more depressed after seeing areas like Detroit and learning about people that were impacted on this.

The visuals for the movie were very nice and the characters featured complimented the cinematography. I liked the graphics except was not impressed with how the treated some of the found footage in the movie. It seemed liked the threw it together and had me wondering what the purpose was of some of the areas they placed historic footage.

The problems in my eyes were the most notably the lack of diversity in the movie. America is not just white and they did not offer anything to give a fair representation of stories that showed that. I personally know of many companies or stories that could have given them the flair to stand more balanced through this, but in their defense I was happy to see one of the stories was that of a women. This was my biggest problem with the movie and, outside of this, I felt as if it was a superb ride and got me thinking more about way I spend my money and the relationship I have to some of the things in my area. It's not often that a documentary about manufacturing can make you feel something but I really identified with the stories that were told and the struggles they went through. This made it easier for me to understand the affect that manufacturing actually has on all of us instead of just numbers on paper.

The story of American economyReviewed byprodavacsportVote: 10/10

Every American patriot needs to know the real story why we can't see the old good sign "made in the USA" anymore .The story how investing in overseas countries made us lose more than 10 million manufacturing jobs. The collapsing of Detroit which was biggest car manufacturing city on the entire planet .

The cause of these problems are mentioned in the documentary with amazing stories of manufactures that still produce their things here. The patriots that open stores that sell only made in USA products .And the most important thing of all is how we can solve that big problem that we are facing .

Americans we need to wake up and start buying things that are made 100% in USA so we can fight back for our old economy and start living the American dream once again .

Everybody need to watch this movie regardless he is American or not . It will inspire you love your country and start buying products made in your country so you can have a better life ...

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