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Babes in Toyland (1934)

Babes in Toyland is a movie starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Virginia Karns. Opposing the evil Barnaby, Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try and fail to pay-off Mother Peep's mortgage and mislead his attempts to marry Little Bo....

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  • Genre: Comedy | Family
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The Synopsis for Babes in Toyland (1934) 720p

Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try to borrow money from their employer, the toymaker, to pay off the mortgage on Mother Peep's shoe and keep it and Little Bo Peep from the clutches of the evil Barnaby. When that fails, they trick Barnaby into marrying Stanley Dum instead of Bo Peep. Enraged, Barnaby unleashes the bogeymen from their caverns to destroy Toyland.

The Director and Players for Babes in Toyland (1934) 720p

[Director]Gus Meins
[Role:]Charlotte Henry
[Role:]Virginia Karns
[Role:]Stan Laurel
[Role:]Oliver Hardy

The Reviews for Babes in Toyland (1934) 720p

Every Christmas I waited & waited for it on TV.Reviewed bybreadman8Vote: 10/10

"100 six foot toy soldiers or 600 one foot toy soldiers?".......

"It's neither pig nor pork, it's beef"

Every little kid needs this video. It's a fundamental of child rearing. How can you go wrong with Laurel and Hardy fumbling and bumbling before saving the day? Will anyone still love Quentin Tarantino eighty years from now? Two essential holiday movies. Get this one at Christmas (& 'Miracle on 34thSt.') plus 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' at Halloween. Anyone know were the boys were in their careers when this one was made? Certainly they were in Hollywood. The boogiemen "have "GREAT BIG EYES" and "GREAT BIG TEETH" and....Hey !!!"

Babe(and Stan)lost in ToylandReviewed bywsureckVote: 7/10

Marvelous set design almost makes-up for tedious plot and super 1930's-style sentimentality. Not enough Stan and Ollie for my taste, and too many dull musical numbers and much padding with what should have been the lesser characters. The boys seem secondary again, as occured with their several operetta movies. The razor thin story of the lecherous Barnaby trying to steal-away Bo-Peep from the virginal TomTom made me thank-goodness for the fast-forward ability of the DVD format!

The film is really more of a fantasy than a comedy, so don't expect much L & H fun-making. I fail to see the child-like charm of some of the scenes: there are some ugly scenes of equally ugly Bogeymen writhing with pain as they run about with several darts hanging from their bodies, and Barnaby looks like a pervert and molester as he clutches the barely legal(?)screaming BoPeep.

Amazingly, I think the colorized and digitally restored version enhanced the the viewing experience for a film that should have been filmed in color in the first place(I don't praise colorization lightly; normally I despise it).

All these comment come from a big fan of the boys...sorry they were so wasted in some of their later films.

It has a great physical presence and some pretty funny stuff in it.Reviewed byHitchcocVote: 7/10

When video was much less accessible, I waited every holiday season to see this movie. I always remembered the fun stuff, especially Laurel and Hardy, but forgot some of the bad music and rather draggy dialogue. Nevertheless, the set designers did a nice job creating this nursery rhyme world, with three little pigs (one of whom gets turned to sausages), and a raft of other characters. The scenes in the toy shop with the Boys are the best. I do remember as a small child being pretty terrified of that land of the bogy men. It was well done, as are all places where "you must never go" or "where you will be banished to." Stan and Ollie do their shtick with finger wiggles and some silly game called "peewees." They attempt to save the day for the old woman who lives in a shoe. They manage to bumble everything up royally. Still, as things play out, this doesn't have the tightly knit fabric of their best comedies--they need to be on camera more. But as a holiday event, this is worth a look for a new generation.

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