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Cover Girl (1944)

Cover Girl is a movie starring Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly, and Lee Bowman. Rusty Parker wins a contest and becomes a celebrated cover girl; this endangers her romance with dancing mentor Danny.

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The Synopsis for Cover Girl (1944) 720p

Rusty Parker, a red-headed leggy dancer at Danny McGuire's Night Club in Brooklyn, wants to be a successful Broadway star. She enters a contest to be a 'Cover Girl' as a stepping-stone in her career. She reminds the publisher, John Coudair, of his lost love, showgirl Maribelle Hicks. He was engaged to Maribelle, although his wealthy society mother made fun of her. Maribelle left John at the altar when she saw the piano at her wedding. It reminded her of the piano-player she truly loved. Rusty is Maribelle's granddaughter and there are musical sequences with Maribelle dancing to songs from the beginning of the 20th century. Rusty lands on the cover of her grandmother's former fiancé's magazine (as a bride). She is pursued by Coudair's pal, the wealthy theatrical producer, Noel Wheaton. He produces a lavish musical to star Rusty, surrounded by real cover girls of the mid 1940's. Rusty runs down a huge spiral into the arms of dozens of men who seem clumsy next to her ethereal dancing. ...

The Director and Players for Cover Girl (1944) 720p

[Director]Charles Vidor
[Role:]Phil Silvers
[Role:]Gene Kelly
[Role:]Rita Hayworth
[Role:]Lee Bowman

The Reviews for Cover Girl (1944) 720p

"Rusty" is right...Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 3/10

Rita Hayworth plays a Brooklyn nightclub dancer named Rusty who specializes in cheesecake chorus revues; she manages to get herself on the cover of a national fashion magazine, but her impending success as a solo (with romantic offers all around) has smitten boss Gene Kelly chomping at the bit. Terribly tired piece of Technicolor cotton candy, with unmemorable musical sketches (the two worst of which are irrelevant flashbacks to the 1890s, with Hayworth portraying her own grandmother). Kelly, as always, dances well but acts with false sincerity; when he's serious, he's insufferable, and the rest of the time he's flying on adrenaline. The script is a lead weight, not even giving supporting players Phil Silvers and Eve Arden any good lines. *1/2 from ****

Corny storyReviewed byAAdaSCVote: 5/10

Rusty (Rita Hayworth) works at Danny's (Gene Kelly) small nightclub as a singer/dancer. She enters a competition to become a "cover girl" for a magazine and wins. Will Rusty swan off to fame elsewhere. Once Noel Wheaton (Lee Bowman) appears on the scene, that is exactly what she does. How will Danny cope and will Rusty be happy in her new life...?...

This film is good for hat watching. Unfortunately, there is nothing else really going for it. The film tells the story of a romance between Rusty and Danny who are inseparable along with their friend Genius (Phil Silvers). However, there are moments when Danny and Genius are stroppy and slightly unlikeable, which turns the viewer's sympathy away from them. Genius and Danny don't seem particularly thrilled for Rusty once she gets an opportunity, while Rusty is a bit quick to go off romantically with Noel. The songs and dances aren't particularly memorable either (in fact, there is only one good bit in one of the songs that is sung by Rusty) but they do provide the most entertaining parts of the film, and you can always have a laugh at Gene Kelly when he starts dancing with his over-dramatic gestures.

The film is also devoid of any humour, although there are a few lame attempts at it, predominantly by Phil Silvers. An example of the poor humour is demonstrated by the childish ritual that Rusty, Danny and Genius go through before they open up oysters. I was surprised by the dancing skills of Phil Silvers and Gene Kelly's dancing style is there to see - a cheesy smile as he sings and a bum that sticks out. Great colour but a corny film.

An Extravaganza of Music and A Good Story too!Reviewed byCraig Smith ([email protected])Vote: 8/10

A good story about Rusty Parker (Rita Hayworth) who dreams of being on broadway which means she would have to leave the small dinner theater where she works with Danny (Gene Kelly) and Genius (Phil Silvers). Rusty is in love with Danny. All three are good friends and every Friday night they go to a local bar where they get oysters so they can look for a pearl (they never eat them). The story line provides numerous opportunities for songs and dancing. The movie has two questions that Rusty must answer: Is fame all that it is cracked up to be? and Is less really more if you are happy? Answering those questions makes the movie. The movie also does a good job of showcasing the talents that all three principals had. Never a dull moment!

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