If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971) 720p YIFY Movie

If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971)

If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do? is a movie starring Judy Creech, Cecil Scaife, and Gene McFall. Based on the preachings of Reverend Estus W. Pirkle, this film warns what will happen to America if the citizens do not give up...

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  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 52
  • IMDB Rating: 4.3/10 
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The Synopsis for If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971) 720p

Based on the preachings of Reverend Estus W. Pirkle, this film warns what will happen to America if the citizens do not give up their depraved ways and turn to God and Jesus for salvation. Communist infiltrators, the "footmen", will pave the way for an all out invasion by weakening our will through TV, dance, rock music and alcohol. Once the invasion begins, the new Communist government will proceed to round up all Christians, and either execute them or force them to undergo re-education. Only by putting their faith in the bible where it belongs, says Rev. Pirkle, can America resist the coming Red Menace.

The Director and Players for If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971) 720p

[Director]Ron Ormond
[Role:]Wes Saunders
[Role:]Gene McFall
[Role:]Cecil Scaife
[Role:]Judy Creech

The Reviews for If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971) 720p

Terrified me as a child!Reviewed byaagdeppaVote: 3/10

This movie was one that all our local churches gathered for a viewing when it first came out. IMDb has the release year to be 1971, but, we must have been seen it before it was officially released, because I was 5 years old when I saw it the spring or summer of 1969. I remember screaming and hiding my face in Daddy's shirt. It was the SINGLE most terrifying movie that I watched as a child. Horror movies, viewed as a teen, never left such impression on me as this movie did. It is not such a "scary" show NOW in this day and age, but, at the time, it was not a movie for a child to see. My parents have always apologized when this movie has been brought up in conversation. So, please, keep in mind that, while this movie is okay for older children and up, it is not appropriate for children who have not yet learned the difference between what's real and what's not real.

Judy, I implore thee! Read the scriptures!Reviewed byDelVarrickVote: 10/10

If Footmen Tire You is the epitome of a cult film. You're not going to find this title on the shelf at your local Blockbuster or Movie Gallery. This is the kind of film that for years lived in near total obscurity only to gain an audience after being promoted through cult fanzines and websites. You can't find this at Best Buy, folks. You have to seek it out through a bootlegger or download a copy. Not because you're trying to cheat 'the man' but because there's simply no other way to obtain it. But the film is certainly worth the effort.

In keeping with the true meaning of a cult film, the original intent of If Footmen Tire usually has nothing to do with why people watch and enjoy it. Originally intended to save the good Christians and the United States from an impending communist takeover, the film is now seen as an over the top example of ridiculous religious propaganda. And rightfully so. Even in an age when communism did have a strong hold on some parts of the world, the scenario presented by If Footmen Tire was still impossible to believe. According to this film, the communist takeover of the United States would be accomplished in only fifteen minutes! Apparently there would be no resistance from either our own military or the vast number of armed civilians. Basically we'd wake up one morning to find ourselves under an evil communist regime. And a hilarious, stereotypical one at that. The evil commies are portrayed by rednecks and good old boys who either can't act at all or ham it up with Bela Lugosi type accents. At times it's difficult to tell who is supposed to induce more fear, the communists or the "strange children" who wear their skirts too short or fornicate at the drive-in. What is intended to be a very frightening film comes across as one of the most hilarious you're ever likely to see. Bizarre scenes of torture which range from improbable to impossible. Inane visions of brainwashing techniques. Wacko interpretations of biblical prophecy. Reminds me a lot of growing up here in the South. Too much maybe.

If Footmen Tire provides more laughs than most comedies ever manage. So do yourself a favor and find a copy on ebay or wherever you can and watch one of the best cult movies ever.

Traumatic to young childrenReviewed bybrendakmillsVote: 1/10

I agree with aagedeppa's review above. I was shown this film in the early 70's as a 8 or 9 year old at church along with my younger sister. I would like to think my parents wouldn't have let me watch if they'd been there but my house was "a kid rides the bus to church" kind. This film traumatized me beyond belief! I will NEVER get the image of the little boy having the stick pushed through his brain and vomiting. I just wonder WTH the adults (deacons, preacher, etc.) were thinking letting small children watch this? Please, no matter what your religious beliefs are DO NOT allow young children to view this film, unless you're willing to part with cash for therapy!!!

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